Screws & Fixings

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Nylon plug with hardened drive screw. Fast, cheap way to fix battens and conduit to masonry.
Tub 250 pieces A premium decking screw using the C2 twin-cut technology. Coated with a patented multi-layer corrosion resistant plating…
Carriage Bolt & Hex Nut

Carriage Bolt & Hex Nut

Carriage bolts are an ideal structural fixing for timber joists and beams.
Used to secure plasterboard to timber stud work. NOTE: Partially threaded from 65mm.


Used to secure plasterboard to wall/ceiling track systems with a max of 0.6mm thickness. NOTE: Partially threaded from 60mm.
Each fixing can support a load of 270Kg Curved backplate enables easy insertion into cavities as shallow as 30mm Ideal…
A very fast, easy and effective way of fixing fittings into a multitude of different materials. Hammer fixings are knocked…
For bolted timber connections. 1mm thick galvanised steel.
This stress free, non-expansion through fixing is the new solution for heavy duty anchoring into concrete, brick, stone, wood and…
Panel Pins

Panel Pins

Timco A light weight nail, commonly used for cabinet making and light duty applications. Suitable for indoor applications, conforms to…